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Chad Benson

He’s played professional soccer in the UK and Europe. He’s the voice behind numerous cartoon and video game characters. He’s the rockin’ dad of a 7-year-old smarty named Jack. And, each weekday, he’s sharing a stream of consciousness with America that comes from a place of common sense and a desire for the world to be a better place.

Chad has been in the talk radio game for more than a decade. His irreverent and humorous approach to tackling the day’s big stories, as well as life’s little oddities, is what makes the Chad Benson Show a unique experience every day. Thanks for being a part of our family!


Executive  Producer Anthony Veneziano

Technical Producer Phil McGeehan.

These are the gentleman (okay, it might be a stretch to call ’em that!) who’ve got Chad’s back and collaborate on daily show topics, booking guests, creating satirical bits and parody songs.

It’s their job to keep Chad rockin’ and rollin’ every day and playin’ the hits when it comes to news and current events.

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