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Trump has handed us his outline for comprehensive immigration reform, heavy on skill-based immigration, light on family ties. No mention of Dreamers (DACA) which likely means it will never see the light of day as legislation in the Dem House. Oh well... nothing new here! TRUMP IMMIGRATION PLAN LIKELY A BUST
Lindsay Graham will introduce a bill stopping all legal asylum claims at the border for anyone coming from Central America. The bill would require those seeking political asylum to apply at the consulate in their country of origin, stopping caravans! Makes senses! At least someone is thinking about a REAL CRISIS in D.C. GRAHAM BILL WOULD continue reading
Barr has advised Trump to invoke EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE over the redacted Mueller materials, to protect underlying covert evidence. This new chess move in the fight over the report and over continue reading
 Dem Steve Cohen goads AG Barr by bringing a bucket of KFC and a ceramic chicken to the desk Barr would have testified at today had he decided not to. continue reading
Here are the hottest 2020 Democratic candidates vying to take on Trump2020! We have a LOOOOOONG way to go, and a lot can and will happen before the election. Who continue reading
Attorney General Barr addressed the nation in a live press conference confirming that the Mueller report found no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Most importantly he said a continue reading
Especially when it comes to immigration policy! The media singled out Trump's adviser Stephen Miller as spearheading the firings at DHS over immigration, but Trump has stepped in to make continue reading
After months of clashes between Trump and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, she has resigned. It's reported that Trump used to call her up almost daily early in the morning continue reading
No one is safe from "Creepy Uncle Joe" Biden! Joe spent the weekend defending himself against charges that he has interacted inappropriately with women of all ages, shape and sizes continue reading
Trump is going after Obamacare again, this time asking courts for a full and total repeal of the Obama era legislation. House Dems have vowed to protect the ACA from continue reading
Robert Mueller submits full report on Russia probe to Attorney General Barr! No more indictments coming! Is this a good thing for Trump? It'S HERE!
Trump is making it very clear he is "not a fan of John McCain," and among other things is angry at McCain's part in passing along the "fake" Hillary dossier. continue reading
President Trump is seeking another $8.6 billion buckaroos for the wall, setting up a major budget battle with Democrats, heading into 2019. TRUMP BUDGETS ANOTHER $8.6 BILLION FOR THE WALL!