The False Fear of a White Uprising

In recent days the media has been in fervent overdrive. Not because they are trying to report and inform us on the tragic shootings that have happened in El Paso, Ohio and The California Garlic Festival (remember him). More to try and influence our thinking, to paint the picture of a crisis on the rise. We are in the midst of a massing movement of violent, white supremacist racists, just waiting around every corner to attack anyone with a tan.

The facts, as usual, are not on the side of media hysteria. Mass shootings according to a recent government study (link below) shows that there is “no useful profile of a mass shooter.” only a very small percentage are categorized as “White Supremacists”, so why the hysteria from the media?

62% of the shooters had a history of acting in an abusive, harassing, or oppressive way (e.g. excessive bullying, workplace intimidation); 16% had engaged in intimate partner violence, and 11% had engaged in stalking-related conduct.

Politics. The shameful truth is that the media is wielding tragedy as a weapon. They are using the evil actions, of a few marginalized men, as a way to build fear in the general public.

Fear is a motivator, and fear of the unknown, random perpetrator. is prime leverage to help sway voters.

” The man was William Horton, an escaped convict from Massachusetts who had been serving time for murder when he skipped out on a temporary furlough from prison and committed robbery, rape, and assault. Horton had never met Bush, but he was about to become the vice-president’s most powerful political weapon. “

We have probably forgotten how a ad talking about William Horton who skipped out on a temporary furlough from prison and committed robbery, rape, and assault. This ad was used to “prove” Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis, (running against George Bush Senior) was soft on crime.  The effectiveness of the ad is still in question, but the strategy behind the ad, to create fear to sway votes, is being used once again.

Three Facts to remember:

  • Mass shootings are extremely rare. They make up less than 1% of all U.S. gun homicides.
  • The FBI report notes that on average, each active shooter studied displayed four to five “concerning behaviors”. These include “recklessness, violent media usage, changes in hygiene and weight, impulsivity, firearm behavior, and physical aggression.” (racist ideologies is not a common factor)
  • Groups like the KKK represent ” less than 0.003 percent of the US population”

The media and politicians may be trying to scare and divide us. But American is all-way’s strongest when we ban together to solve a problem. It would be so much easier if the problem could be identified as a simple ideological menace, but unfortunately, it is much more complicated and elusive than that.

Listen to “2 mass shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton,OH.” on Spreaker.

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